All new installs performed by Boulder Sprinkler and our other company Buckinghams Fence and Sprinkler carry a Warranty against Fault of operation for 2 Years. This is conditional that we are contracted to Winterize the system around the Date of October 15th of each year and are contracted to perform the start up each spring.

All repair work which includes Both companies above  Carries a Warranty until October 15th of that year, If We are contracted to winterize that same system even if we did not install it we will honor the warranty of that system until the following year As long as We are contracted for the Start up of that system and no Damage is observed during the winterization process.

Systems that we Have not worked upon but simply Winterized Carry a warranty that consists of an outside freeze break. The definition of outside refers to outside the exterior wall of the dwelling until it reaches the Vacuum breaker, this does not include the vacuum breaker itself or the ball valves. if however the system has frozen prior to our arrival or if the Date that  the winterization is two weeks or more past October 15th there is no Warranty.

If in all these instances a problem with the system is observed during winterization the client will be advised.

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