It happens when you least expect it !

Most repairs are slight, the most common in the spring range from freeze breaks directly outside the home and broken manifolds, located in the boxes with the green lids. Systems that are a little older sometimes have valves that stick open or just won't come on. Most systems could use a little tweaking to make them more efficient.

Chances are if you experience it we've seen it before so don't panic just call us (303) 817 8761


CLOCKS  A lot of people accidentally waste water because the clock isn't set correctly, we must conserve our most valuable resource in Colorado so have your settings checked you will save in the long run.

SAVING MONEY  If you have 3 sprinkler heads that water half their cycle on the driveway,each one using 1 gallon per minute, after a twenty minute cycle that's 30 gallons per day, If you water 3 times a week that's a total loss of 2880 gallons in a season so please make sure your heads are adjusted as well as they can be. You will save a lot by having them adjusted by a proffesional. (303) 817 8761




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